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Loungewear To Make You Feel More Polished

I often hear clients tell me that they feel “sloppy” and strive to feel more polished. The truth is, what you wear at home can have a big impact on how you present yourself in public. You see, in order to change something you have to have a goal and consistently work towards it. If that […]

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4 Steps to Building Your Fall Wardrobe

I’m not quite sure how it’s already OCTOBER! But it’s certainly time to get your fall wardrobe in check. Fall is one of the most important seasons to shop smart for. Because, 1) if you live in the Northeast, you’ll be wearing these sweaters, boots and jackets until April (or May…). That’s 8 MONTHS!! And, […]

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How To Master Discount Shopping

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a deal. And when it comes to your precious wardrobe, deals are especially sweet! But discount shopping can be difficult. When saving money is involved, we start to get swept away by the deal and not the item itself. We start to compromise, settle and let price drive our purchase rather than […]

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When to Wear Tights

The erratic weather we’ve been experiencing brings up all kinds of obstacles when getting dressed. One major question is about tights – to wear, or not to wear?! While I usually like to stay out of “fashion rules,” I’ll weigh in here because dressing appropriately for occasions and weather is always important to me. Time of Year […]

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5 Products To Get You Through The Winter

Let’s face it, the winter months are really hard or your skin, body and mind. January was especially long (amiright!?), making all of my New Years goals nearly impossible to keep. But, there are warmer days in our future AND I’m sharing some amazing products that have helped me through the long winter. Vital Proteins […]

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BHLDN x Trousseau Style | Event Recap

On April 27, 2017, I had the pleasure of hosting a styling event at BLHDN Philadelphia. Along with, ONLO Beauty, Flowers by Jenna Rayesky, Champagne from One Hope and yummy treats from Nutmeg Cake Design. Check out some photos from Love Me Do Photography below. Looks fun, right?! During the event, we talked about gaining clarity […]

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A New Way to Wear Florals

Bridal trends have come and gone, but flowers have adorned brides’ wedding look for centuries. In ancient Roman times, brides carried bunches of fresh herbs to symbolize fidelity and fertility (and to ward away evil spirits). And we all know the tradition of the bride tossing her bouquet at the end of the ceremony for […]

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Summer Fashion Tip

One thing I love about living in the Philadelphia is experiencing every season. Whatever season we’re currently in is usually announced as my favorite (ok, ok, besides winter!). Fall is crisp and fresh (plus, pumpkin spice evrrrything!). Winter is winter… Spring is full of new life and new beginnings. And summer is especially fond. Since […]

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Summer Wardrobe Refresh

Summer has (un)officially started and the beginning of the season is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. I’m offering a Summer Wardrobe Refresh for $350 to get your closet ready for the warm weather! Here’s what the 5 hour process includes: We’ll start with an in-home consultation to get a better idea for your lifestyle […]

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