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March 14, 2018

When to Wear Tights

The erratic weather we’ve been experiencing brings up all kinds of obstacles when getting dressed. One major question is about tights – to wear, or not to wear?! While I usually like to stay out of “fashion rules,” I’ll weigh in here because dressing appropriately for occasions and weather is always important to me.

Time of Year

Time of year is the most important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to wear tights. As a rule of thumb, I recommend wearing tights December through February, without question. If it’s unseasonably warm one day, you could opt to wear a lighter tight, like sheer black or nude. Regardless of the weather, I wouldn’t recommend going bare leg during these months, it’s winter!

 Photo by Brittani Elizabeth Photo by Brittani Elizabeth


October, November, March, April can go either way and whether or not you wear tights really depends on the weather. If there’s snow on the ground, WEAR TIGHTS! If it’s 60 degrees, don’t! Use your best judgement during these months.

 Photo by  Ashlee Mintz  Photo by Ashlee Mintz


Remember the days when socks and sandals were a faux pas? Well, now it’s a trend! When wearing socks, or tights, with sandals it should be intentional, not forced because you don’t have the right footwear.

Alexa Chung gets it. These looks are subtle and chic…

 Photos from  Virivee  Photos from Virivee

While this look definitely makes a statement, it feels forced and unnecessary…

Still have questions about when to wear tights? Comment below!


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