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October 1, 2018

4 Steps to Building Your Fall Wardrobe

I’m not quite sure how it’s already OCTOBER! But it’s certainly time to get your fall wardrobe in check. Fall is one of the most important seasons to shop smart for. Because, 1) if you live in the Northeast, you’ll be wearing these sweaters, boots and jackets until April (or May…). That’s 8 MONTHS!! And, 2) fall clothes are typically more expensive than summer clothes. A slip dress and flip flops won’t cut it anymore – it’s time to break out the leather, wool and cashmere!

Here are a few steps to keep you on track while shopping this fall.

 Photo by Ashlee Mintz Photo by Ashlee Mintz

1 | Take Inventory

It’s been a few months since you’ve busted out your sweaters and boots, so start by taking inventory on what you have. This goes for your entire fall wardrobe – coats, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, boots, jeans, sweaters, tops, dresses… leave no category behind.

While learning what you have, take note on what you need. Are you missing a plain black turtleneck, a statement top, a brown belt to match your brown boots? Make a list and save it on your phone so you can quickly access it from anywhere.

2 | Create a Uniform

Creating a uniform can act as a really helpful guideline while shopping and getting dressed. For example, your uniform could be skinny jeans, booties and a warm, bulky sweater. In which case, having a few pairs of basic and statement booties would make sense for you. You would also want to invest in some high quality sweaters. On the other hand, tailored blazers wouldn’t be a smart purchase because they likely won’t fit over your bulky sweaters. Having uniform will help you decide where to invest your money.

3 | Use Pinterest

In addition to being an endless source of inspiration, Pinterest is an excellent shopping tool. While shopping online – rather than adding your favorite items to your cart and purchasing immediately, save them to Pinterest for further consideration. Once you’ve compiled several items, go through and consider what items you still want and need.

4 | Shop With Intention

Ok, you have your list from step one and you’ve carefully considered what you items you want and need, it’s finally time to purchase!! Whether you’re shopping online or in stores, remember to stay on track. Refer to your shopping list and Pinterest page if you start going astray. And have fun with it!!

Still sound overwhelming? Let’s chat! I’ll help your define your personal style and build a wardrobe that fits your needs and lifestyle.


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