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June 21, 2017

Summer Fashion Tip

 Photo by  Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Photo by Brittani Elizabeth Photography

One thing I love about living in the Philadelphia is experiencing every season. Whatever season we’re currently in is usually announced as my favorite (ok, ok, besides winter!). Fall is crisp and fresh (plus, pumpkin spice evrrrything!). Winter is winter… Spring is full of new life and new beginnings. And summer is especially fond.

Since childhood, I looked forward to summer the entire school year. I could hardly wait to trade in homework for summer reading, bedtime for sleepovers and evenings stuck inside for ice cream cones and fireflies! It was the most carefree time of every year. 

While there’s no summer vacation in adulthood, I think we all look forward to longer days, warm nights and letting all our worries melt away.

If I can give you one fashion tip for the summer ahead, it’s to embrace that carefree attitude and lead with your inner beauty. Skip the foundation, let your hair air dry, go braless with that maxi dress and for the love of life, WEAR THE SWIM SUIT! Who knows what next summer will bring, but life is definitely too short to stay inside.

Oh, and tip #2 – ALWAYS wear sunscreen 😉

Happy summer, babes!


  1. Lindsay

    August 1st, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    hahaha dont forget that sunscreen!!!!

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