We started by defining my personal style, which was something I never thought about. It helped me get clear about how I wanted to look and feel. Next we went through my closet to purge all the items that no longer suited me. It was really helpful to have her guidance when deciding what items to keep and donate. She consigned and donated all the items I no longer wanted which was a huge help. And I made some money!

Shopping was surprisingly easy and pain free! Lauren pulled several items for me to try on before I arrived. She respected my budget and I ended up with an entirely new wardrobe! Colleagues and friends have actually commented on how different and "put together" I look. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier!

"Lauren helped me create an entirely new wardrobe."

- Lindsay G.

I can't say enough great things about Lauren of Trousseau Style! She helped me create a vision for my wedding. We met and we sorted through all of my pins and she tied them all together. She has a great eye for color and design and was super helpful! Lauren offered very sound advice on the type of decor to include to bring my whole theme together. She took all my ideas and created an inspiration board to guide my thoughts and show my vendors. She also recommend vendors for different aspects of the wedding. Lauren is super friendly and has a wealth of experience. I highly recommend Trousseau style to every bride! She will help make your wedding dreams a reality!

"She helped me create a vision for my wedding."

- Meaghan M.

I worked with Trousseau Style on a closet clean out this summer. I had recently started a new business and was struggling with what to wear day to day. Lauren is like your stylist BFF who keeps the process fun and friendly while still giving it to you straight. I shared a few looks I loved on pinterest, and she helped me narrow down my look. Then we went through my closet (I probably kept only half my clothes... but it was time) and she helped me make piles for Goodwill, Greene St consignment shop, and Plato's Closet. So helpful!!  

Within a few days I had a shopping list with links of where to buy the goods. The whole process was really easy and it's so much easier to get dressed in the morning. I'm feeling very Marie Kondo every time I walk into my closet

I loved working with Lauren! She is incredibly professional, thoughtful, and thorough. She truly worked to understand my style and address my closet "woes." I now have a refreshed closet, with many new items that will last me for years. I also have tons of new ideas for styling both new and old items, and am more excited about getting dressed each morning. Lauren also helped me understand how to better care for my clothing. Overall, I am more confident, my closet is more organized, and I have a better sense of my own style. I'd highly recommend Lauren's styling services!

Working with Lauren was such a positive experience! I was nervous to make this investment and to be vulnerable with a stranger around my feelings about money, fashion, limiting beliefs, and personal growth. However, from the moment I began working with Lauren, I felt completely comfortable, listened to, and in the hands of a complete professional. Since completing our work together, my confidence, comfort, and style have all improved markedly. 

On a surface level, I get complements on my outfits everyday. On a deeper level, I feel wonderful getting dressed in the morning, packing for trips, saying yes to new work opportunities, and getting invited on dates -- I know that I have the right things to wear in order to show up fully as myself under any circumstance. I'd recommend working with Lauren to anyone who is ready to move her life forward. I'm so grateful for this investment. Thank you Lauren!

"Lauren is like your stylist BFF who keeps the process fun..."

"She truly worked to understand my style and address my closet woes."

"My confidence, comfort, and style have all improved markedly."

- L P.

-Sarah M.

-Leah M.

I'd been neglecting my wardrobe for a few years after having my kids, and she helped me go through my closet and purge the outdated/poorly fitting, replacing them with clothes that fit my style so much better. I wanted to feel more polished and she was great providing guidance on what actually fit and would be easy to put together. At first, I wasn't interested in doing the wardrobe edit (I thought I could go through everything in my closet myself), but I'm so glad I did. It was the most helpful part of the process because it gave me a clean slate to see what I really had to work with. I had been hanging onto some clothes for lots of reasons, and so much of my wardrobe just didn't fit my lifestyle (or my style). Lauren took care of donating the items I didn't want and had a great system for going through my closet. After the closet edit, we went shopping and it was so much more fun. She narrowed the options by pulling items in advance, so it didn't feel overwhelming. I felt like she had a good sense of my style and what looks good on me, not just what is trendy. I am so grateful for Lauren's help. Figuring out what to wear is so much easier and I feel like I saved so much time and money with her help!

"I loved working with Lauren at Trousseau."

- jill a.

Lauren is absolutely amazing! I did a wardrobe edit with her and could not be happier with the results! Prior to working with her I had cleaned out a lot of my closet but still felt like I was struggling to mix and match what I had to create different outfits. She really took the time to understand the style and vibe I was going for and made the whole process fun. Now I have a much better understanding of how to achieve the look I wanted and I learned how to layer and swap pieces in and out to create different looks. With Lauren's help I realized that I love to shop for statement pieces, but I was missing a few key staples to tie a lot of what I already owned together. I also had some pieces that I loved but never really knew how to wear and she showed me how to mix them in with the rest of my wardrobe. I feel like I have a whole new closet and I barely bought anything new! She helped me sort through everything and took photos of me in the outfits she created, so now if I'm feeling stuck I can just refer to them on my phone which completely takes the stress out of figuring out what to wear! I also have a much better understanding now of what I should look for when I shop so I don't buy things that will just sit in my closet in the future! If you're thinking about hiring Lauren don't even hesitate!! I can't recommend her enough!

"I did a wardrobe edit with her and could not be happier with the results!"

- bethany