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January 20, 2019

Loungewear To Make You Feel More Polished

Chic and Polished Loungewear

Photo by Jenna Stamm // Styling by Lauren Hartman // For QVC

I often hear clients tell me that they feel “sloppy” and strive to feel more polished. The truth is, what you wear at home can have a big impact on how you present yourself in public. You see, in order to change something you have to have a goal and consistently work towards it. If that goal is looking and feeling more polished, but you come home every night and throw on your old, paint-stained sweats and worn out tee shirt, the chain of consistency is broken.

I’m a strong believer that one small change can lead to many bigger changes. So, upgrading your loungewear wardrobe and feeling more polished around the house may very well lead you to a more polished life. Here’s how to do it…

Start With PJs

You start and end everyday wearing PJs (unless you don’t*), they should set the tone for the day. *Don’t wear PJs? Start with a luxurious robe instead.

  1. Most importantly, your PJs should be comfortable. Personally, I prefer mine to be looser fitting, but not huge. I usually go up one size.
  2. Secondly, your PJs should match. Choose a color or print that makes you feel chic. But remember, we’re going for chic and polished, so consider staying away from flannel, critters and other busy prints.
  3. PJs are available in all different price points, buy the best quality you can afford and take good care of them so they last.

Shop some of my favorites below!

Take Care

Now that you’ve invested in some comfortable, matching PJs, you must take good care of them. Laundry techniques deserves its own post, but here are some easy tips to keep those PJs fresh.

  1. Wash on delicate. Most PJs these days are made of ultra soft fabrics and blends like cotton, rayon, spandex and modal. To keep these fabrics soft and clean, wash them on a delicate cycle in cold water. I use a less-harsh detergent like Laundress Delicate Wash.
  2. Air dry. The dryer is a garment’s worst enemy. Whenever possible, but especially with delicate fabrics, air drying is always the better option.

See, only two steps to keeping your PJs fresh and clean! You can totally do it.

Edit + Add On

Once you have a pair of PJs that make you feel like a chic lounger, you’ll want to wear them every night! When that’s the case, get a few more pairs of PJs and GET RID OF THE OLD ONES! You are a new polished, chic lady now, you DO NOT need your sweats. As Marie Kondo would say, thank them for their service and say goodbye.

Now that you’ve drank the chic Kool Aid, treat yourself to a nice robe and slippers too. It’s nice to have one robe for lounging (may I suggest cashmere) and one for getting out of the shower, getting ready, etc. Extra points for an eye mask.

Chic Lounge Socks

Photo by Jenna Stamm // Styling by Lauren Hartman // For QVC


Now that your sloppy sweats are a thing of the past, organize your loungewear drawer to feel really luxurious and indulgent. These drawer organizers can help. Add a lavender sachet or fabric spritz for an extra taste of luxury.

Most importantly, enjoy!


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