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February 21, 2020

When Should We Go Shopping?

When you’re making the investment in the Curated Closet, it’s smart to choose the ideal time to shop for your specific needs and lifestyle. We’ll talk through all your options during our initial phone call and consultation, but here’s a quick and fast guide to help you decide when to shop.

Still can’t decide when to shop? I’ll elaborate a little…


January is an altogether tricky time to shop. Most of the stores are focused on discounts, which is great if you’re shopping just-for-fun! But when we shop for the Curated Closet, we’re on a mission. Often times we’re not able to find all the items on your shopping list.

Psst – if you’re looking for winter shoes, we might have a difficult time finding what you’re looking for in-stores. We’ll most likely resort to shopping online.

February, March, April

This is a great time to shop because you get to address winter and spring! If we shop during this timeframe, we’re going to focus on items that will transition into spring. Think; light sweaters, ankle pants, flats, blouses, transitional dresses, etc.

If you need a true summer wardrobe (shorts, summer dresses, sandals, etc.), you’ll want to wait to shop in May at the earliest.

May, June, July

When shopping May, June and July, we will focus on true summer! Think shorts, dresses, sandals, tanks, lightweight blouses, summer suiting, etc. There are SO many options in the stores during this time – you can’t go wrong!

Psst – just because we are focusing on summer, doesn’t mean we won’t find core pieces that you can wear all year round!

Psst, psst – this is my busiest time of year for shopping! So be sure to keep that in mind when booking you summer shopping trips!


August is a hit-or-miss month, for this reason, I try not to shop with Curated Closet clients. In the stores, you’ll find a lot of summer sale items (which are pretty well picked over) and a few early fall pieces. But it’s still a little early to shop for those chunky sweaters and boots we all love so much!

September, October, November

Ah! Fall shopping – sweaters, boots, pumpkin spice everything! During this timeframe we will shop for all your fall and winter essentials – sweaters, boots, winter suiting, winter coats, scarves, cold-weather-boots, etc.

Psst – Be sure to set aside a little extra money for shopping during this time of year – sweaters, boots and jackets are far more expensive than sandals and summer dresses!

Psst, psst – this is my second busiest time of year (May-July is the busiest). Be sure to keep that in mind when booking!


When is comes to shopping, I am your fearless leader! There’s nothing I love more than spending the day at the mall. However, in December, I typically hang up my hat when it comes to shopping with Curated Closet clients.

The stores are filled with holiday focused clothing – velvet, sparkles and ruffles (not to mention tons of holiday shoppers!), which makes it difficult to shop for year-round staples.

Ready to Shop?

I hope this is helpful when deciding when to shop! Keep in mind, we will discuss in great detail the best times to shop based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

And all that said, if you absolutely need to shop during the “off time” (January, August, December), we can totally make it happen! It may require a little extra patience in finding all the perfect pieces!

Can’t wait to shop with you!


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