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Hi there! I'm Lauren, owner and personal stylist behind Trousseau Style. I help women curate a
closet that feels amazing inside and out.

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Laundry 101

One of the most important steps in maintaining your wardrobe is proper laundering. I’ve seen poorly-made garments last a lifetime while well-made garments fade and fall apart because they weren’t properly cared for. So let’s talk about how to launder for your clothing so it lasts. .01 | Separate This is a really important step! […]


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When Should We Go Shopping?

When you’re making the investment in the Curated Closet, it’s smart to choose the ideal time to shop for your specific needs and lifestyle. We’ll talk through all your options during our initial phone call and consultation, but here’s a quick and fast guide to help you decide when to shop. Still can’t decide when […]

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