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January 11, 2019

Style Story | Marguerite Adzick of Addison Bay

Ask any woman about her dream outfit, and she’ll likely say something about being chic and comfortable. So it’s no wonder athleisure has taken the fashion industry by storm. Philadelphia native, Marghi Adzick has tapped into the industry in a major way and is curating your chicest athleisure wardrobe at Addison Bay. AddisonBay.com is the one stop shop for clothing to take you from Soul Cycle to brunch and beyond. And let me tell you, their offering is anything but ordinary – metallic marble sports bras, snakeskin sets and faux leather leggings – even I’m inspired to work out!

I first met Marghi while working at Lilly Pulitzer Home Office (aka, the Pink Palace). I would describe her personal style as chic, effortless and fun. She’s no stranger to mixing prints, breaking the rules and layering lots of jewelry. I’m so excited to share about Marghi’s personal style and business.


An Interview with Marghi Adzick

LH : Congratulations on starting Addison Bay just a few months ago (September 2018)! Tell us about how you came up with the idea.

MA : I have been thinking about the Fashion x Fitness concept for several years. Previously, I was a college athlete and went on to work at Lilly Pulitzer for 6 years, so I have always been equally passionate about fashion and fitness. During the last two years, I faced fertility challenges, which took up the majority of my time and energy. Once I got pregnant with my daughter, Annie, I felt like I had more time to focus on the pursuit of launching my own business.

Marry that with the fact the fitness scene is blowing up in Philly right now – the influx of several trendy fitness boutique studios flooding down from New York is really exciting and I felt this was the best time to establish a fashionable activewear company that could align with the growing workout scene. Plus, I always wanted to start a business by the time I turned 30 years old – and I turned 30 two days after we launch, so I just made it!

Marghi Adzick of Addison Bay in Philadelphia

LH : Who is the “Addison Bay girl”?

MA : The AB girl is warm, optimistic, confident, energetic, sociable. She’s extremely busy and juggles a lot of responsibilities. She values family and friendship. She loves to work hard, but also play hard.

Addison Bay Models Posing

LH : So your clothes aren’t strictly for workouts?

MA :  Exactly! As a busy woman on the go, I wanted to develop a one-stop space where activewear went beyond just the time spent at the gym, where fashion-forward didn’t mean less function and looking good is feeling good.

LH : Tell us about your personal style? What inspires you?

MA :  My style is a mix of classic & fashion-forward. For special occasions, I love pieces that push the envelope: Ruffles, Statement Sleeves, Embroidery, Slits, Deep V’s, open back. For my everyday wardrobe, I love high quality classic pieces. I’m inspired by current trends, but putting my own personal twist or interpretation on it.

LH : What’s your go-to outfit?

MA : I love a monochrome look – all black or all white are my favorite go to outfits. I’m typically in activewear all of the time, so right now I’m loving a black legging with an interesting detail (cut out, mesh paneling, shiny fabrications) paired with a black top and one of our third layers, like a bomber jacket.

LH : Is there one specific item on AddisonBay.com that completely embodies your personal style?

MA : My “spirit” piece right now is the Alala reversible bomber – one side is black shearling and the other side is a tri-colored moto inspired bomber. You can wear it to workout or on-the-go, love the end use versatility!

LH : How has your personal style evolved since starting Addison Bay?

MA :  I definitely used to be dressed to the nines regularly – 4 inch heels, jumpsuits, dresses, tons of accessories, etc. Now, partially due to my career change and the birth of my daughter, I am in activewear 24/7. I definitely care about how I dress so I always like to look and feel my best, whether I’m working out, running errands, or at a formal event.

Marghi Adzick and Daughter On The Beach

LH : Where are your favorite places to shop?

MA : Zara for fast fashion, Net-a-porter for high end online shopping, and AB for activewear (obviously :))

LH : Ok, my favorite question, what city best captures the essence of your personal style?

MA : Amazing question. Santorini – I’m definitely more of a beach girl and love to incorporate color into my wardrobe in coastal settings.

Thank you for sharing you style story with us, Marghi!


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