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July 10, 2018

(Not So) Mellow Yellow

The Duchess of Sussex, recently donned a sunny yellow dress to attend the Commonwealth Youth Challenge Reception in London. The dress, by Brandon Maxwell, is a classic sheath with a boat neck. The midi length made is ultra-conservative and modern all at the same time.

Yellow has gained popularity this season, especially being coined as “Gen-Z Yellow”, Millennial Pink’s counterpart. I’ve welcomed the color with open arms! Here are some dos and don’ts….

Do test the waters.

Not sure about the bright color? Start with small accessories like earrings, a handbag, bandana or sunglasses.

Do commit to one color.

Oh, you’re ready to make a statement? Commit to yellow and avoid adding too many other colors to your look. With the exception of lip color (which I fully support), notice these ladies accessorize with neutrals.

Don’t mix too many other colors.

Let the yellow do the work. Mixing prints with too many other colors is disrtacting and busy.

Do balance with neutrals.

Rather than adding other colors, balance your yellow prints with neutrals.

Don’t be too matchy-matchy.

Avoid being overly matchy-matchy. Either commit to wearing yellow or accessorize with neautrals (see above).

Do wear with white.

White and yellow make a crisp combo!

Do wear with jeans.

Pair with your favorite jeans, jean skirt or chambray top for a breezy summer look!


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