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April 6, 2017

Main Line Fashion Week’s Painting With A Fashionable Twist | Recap & Photos

I had the pleasure of working with Lydia Marie Elizabeth and Main Line Fashion Week to co-host “Painting With a Fashionable Twist” at the beautiful Inn at Grace Winery. We chose the Shoshanna Lupe Dress from  to illustrate. Not only is this minty green a breath of fresh air after the looong winter, it’s really fun to paint, AND, it highlights one of my favorite spring trends, the ruffle! I’m sharing a full recap of the event below!

About Main Line Fashion Week

Founded by Patricia Mae Maristch, owner of Piqued PR, Main Line Fashion Week supports local businesses and celebrates the style of the of the Main Line and Philadelphia’s western suburbs.  Providing a platform for local designers, boutiques, stores and related businesses to showcase their offerings to the fashion conscious consumer of the Main Line. The event spans over three days and is full of fashion!


About Lydia Marie Elizabeth

Lydia Marie Elizabeth is an artist and brand built on a love of art, interior design, and architecture.

After studying Interior Design at Drexel University, Lydia worked at high end architecture firm in Greenwich, Connecticut where she developed hospitality and residential designs. As her imagination ran wild and she yearned for her creative studio, she started her brand in 2013.

Lydia works in pen, ink, and watercolor on paper.  She works out of her home studio in Philadelphia and accept commissions of all types and sizes of art and illustration, including weddings, fashion, landscape and interiors. View some of her amazing work below!

I might add that she is also an excellent art teacher! She made the painting process totally fun and enjoyable!


Painting With a Fashionable Twist

Lydia taught us all the basics! We started with a bunch of “heads,” (or circles) stacked on top of each other. Then we added some shapes that became the body. Once our drawing started to resemble a body, we softened the lines and dressed our girl.

The next step was to outline definitive lines with black marker and erase the excess.

Mixing the paint was pretty fun and I had a major Bob Ross moment cleaning my brushes 😉 Once we had the colors right, we painted inside the lines (or at least tried!), added some bushes and violà! We had a fashion illustration.

It was pretty amazing to watch our drawings transform from a bunch of circles, to an actual painting! I will definitely be trying this at home (but not quitting my day job!).

Thank you to all who attended and made this event possible!


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