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February 16, 2017

Street Style Inspiration from New York Fashion Week

The streets of New York were filled with celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas for New York Fashion Week. There’s no doubt that spring is in the air and and there are some major trends to report…

Shades of Blue

Blue is the most prominent color on the Pantone Fashion Report for Spring 2017. Island Paradise, Niagara and Lapis are colors that invoke feelings of breathing in mountain air, swimming in pristine waters and relaxing in your favorite denim. Niagara is the top color of the season followed by intense Lapis and refreshing Island Paradise. Designers are playing with these colors the most because they fully capture the transformations that we look forward to each Spring.


In the springtime, we usually see crop tops and short skirts, but the runway has said the opposite for this season. Crisp whites, lots of brights and hemmed sweatshirts have been seen on many designers during NYFW this past year. This could be because of the athleisure trend that has become popular in the past year, but it could also be because comfy is now chicer than ever. Some might put sweatshirts with athleisure, but they are now demanding their own category with elongated sleeves and mini-skirt pairs.

80s Comeback

80s might be the biggest trend of the season. For better or worse, shoulder pads, sequins, poof sleeves and more have been hitting the runway. Many designers are no longer concerned with change. There has been a trend with bringing back old styles and making them new again. Out with the new and in with the old!

No Pants

Welcome to the bad girl club. No shoes, no shirt, no service, but what about pants? Spring 2017 is all about losing the clothes. Bras are being worn on top of clothes, sleeves have cutouts and more breathable fabric, like fishnets, are coming into play. One of the biggest reasons this trend is taking off is because of the emphasis on statement shirts. Oversized and overdone everything is in. The shoulders and big, the sleeves are wide so why take away from that with a pair of pants?


While most trends are started by designers, this trend was started by the people. Not only are seasons changing, but so is our country. Many fashionistas and designers alike are taking this opportunity to showcase their passions through clothes, not words. As we’ve seen, people can start movements, so why not show your pride and literally wear it on your sleeve?

What spring trends will you try??


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