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February 16, 2016

Trousseau Style

I am thrilled to announce that Little White Dress is now….. Trousseau Style! We’ve come a long way since I dreamed up this idea and a jumped in head first 10 short months ago! I wanted to give our readers and clients a little more details about the idea around Trousseau Style, so here it is!

I’m a sucker for a little white dress! And when I got engaged in December 2014, I was beyond excited to start building a wardrobe full of little white dresses to wear for all our wedding festivities. But, that proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. Since I was busy with work and wedding planning, I had no time to scour the internet or the mall for these little white dresses I dreamed of. 

So, as you know, Little White Dress was born to solve that problem! Since then, we’ve styled several brides perfect dresses and outfits for all the events surrounding their weddings.

As it turns out, outfits surrounding weddings aren’t the only source of stress for busy brides-to-be.  Finding and styling bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses and wedding accessories are tough too. So, we decided to expand our offering, styling brides, bridesmaids and beyond.

What’s the beyond, you ask? We’re also offering styling for bridesmaids, mother’s of the bride and groom, guests of wedding, special occasions and for everyday life (closet clean-out, anyone?!).

With all these new additions and changes, we felt Little White Dress was no longer a fitting name. So, with a lot of brain storming (and lots of help from friends!) we came up with Trousseau Style. A Trousseau (troo-so) is the collection of belongings a bride brings into her marriage, usually consisting of garments and linens. We felt this was a great fit, and we hope you do too!

Thanks for all your support during this exciting time! We looking forward to styling you in the future!


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