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Living Floral Tattoos

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of floral tattoos before Emily of Emily Wren Photography asked me to style this photo shoot for Love N’ Fresh Flowers. Flower crowns, absolutely, floral appliqué, yes, floral tattoos, nope! But now that I’ve worked with them, I’m a huge fan! Floral tattoos are basically just flowers glued on […]

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Snow Day Inspiration

I personally LOVE seeing snow in the forecast and love a snow day even more! Dallas Shaw pretty much hit the nail on the head in her book, The Way She Wears It, describing the expectations and reality of a snow day. (Buy a copy HERE, it’s a great read!)  In celebration of our first […]

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A New Way to Wear Florals

Bridal trends have come and gone, but flowers have adorned brides’ wedding look for centuries. In ancient Roman times, brides carried bunches of fresh herbs to symbolize fidelity and fertility (and to ward away evil spirits). And we all know the tradition of the bride tossing her bouquet at the end of the ceremony for […]

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Street Style Inspiration from New York Fashion Week

The streets of New York were filled with celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas for New York Fashion Week. There’s no doubt that spring is in the air and and there are some major trends to report… Shades of Blue Blue is the most prominent color on the Pantone Fashion Report for Spring 2017. Island Paradise, Niagara […]

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Rebecca Minkoff : Spring 2017 Runway Show

As if we needed another reason to be excited for spring! Rebecca Minkoff held her Spring 2017 runway show this weekend at The Grove in LA and it’s got me swooning. Rebecca Minkoff is best known for her “Morning After Bag,” or “M.A.B.” that became a fashion staple in 2005. Since then, she has expanded into […]

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Bridesmaid Jumpsuit

Alas! The jumpsuit trend has finally made its way to the bridal world and I couldn’t be happier! Designers like Joanna August and Donna Morgan are all getting on board just in time for Fall wedding season! I’m not alone when I say all bridesmaids love a versatile dress (or jumpsuit!) that they can actually […]

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Shop Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” Dress

Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” music video debuted on New Years Eve. As expected, it was nothing short of amazing! With weddings (always) on my mind I couldn’t help think that herbeautiful blue dress would be perfect for Spring 2016 bridesmaids… Also, the color is strikingly similar to one of Pantone‘s Top 10 Colors of […]

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Add To Your Little White Wardrobe This NYE

Christmas came and went, but the holiday season isn’t over (just yet)! NYE is quickly approaching and it’s the perfect opportunity to start adding to your little white wardrobe with a few separates. This sparkly top is perfect for the flashy holiday. It can easily be re-worn for your bachelorette party! Pair it with blush high-waisted […]

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