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November 6, 2018

Bethany Rees

Dola Photo Work Wardrobe

Mood Board

Bethany’s work wardrobe will reflect her cool, artistic and eclectic personal style. We’re focusing on finding wardrobe solutions for casual and black tie weddings that have more of a guest vibe than a vendor vibe.



Other Inspiration

Original Shopping List

  • Dresses (maybe jumpsuits) for casual weddings (3)
  • Dresses (maybe jumpsuits) for black tie weddings (5)
  • Comfortable booties for winter weddings (1)
  • Comfortable shoes for casual summer weddings (1+)
  • Comfortable shoes for dressy / black tie summer weddings (1+)
  • Dressy tops to be worn with pants (3)
  • Relaxed trouser pants (1)
  • Jacket / coverup to wear for summer weddings (1)

REVISED Shopping List

  • Casual Wedding Wardrobe

    • Jacket or wrap for cold indoor weddings (1-2)
    • Cool statement shoe to show up in (1)
  • Bridge Wedding Wardrobe

    • Jacket or wrap for cold indoor weddings – could be the same as casual wedding option (1-2)
    • Summer shoes to dress up bridge wardrobe (1)
  • Black Tie Wedding Wardrobe

    • Floor length skirt (1)
      • Ideally pleated
    • Tops to wear with floor length skirt (ordered 2 from Everlane)
    • Floor length dresses (4-5 | 2ish summer, 2ish winter)
      • No slit, no wrap
    • Dressy sneaker shoe for second half of wedding (1)
      • All season
    • Dressy boot – similar to Marc Fisher (1)
    • Dressy sandal to show up in before changing into Everlane slide (1-2)
      • See more comfortable options.

    • Black tights
    • No show socks
    • Jewelry
      • Stud earrings
      • Watch
      • Rings (larger sizes)


Revised Lookbook

Casual Wedding Wardrobe

Black Tie Wedding Wardrobe


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